Codecpro Offers Free Popular Codecs for Experimental, Non-Commercial Use

We have chosen to offer free codec implementations that enable the developer community to better appreciate the strengths and capabilities of these technologies.

The source code published by the standardization bodies is copyrighted by many organizations. Consequently, contributions to open forums are made in the form of object code, under specific licenses that place certain restrictions on the object code but do not prevent the implementation from being used in harmony with the typical open-source project licenses.

These free offers are single-port Windows® implementations that allow for experimentation with the standards. You can take them from one desktop computer to another without constraints. It is important to note that these versions are not indemnified, which means that these codecs cannot be used for commercial purposes — they are restricted to research and prototype development. If commercial deployment is planned, you must obtain the legal right by licensing the intellectual property. Commercial Windows® versions — and other implementations — are available through CodecPro at .

Please note that these free codec implementations are provided to you for integration into your respective product solutions under the terms of the End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA) specified during the download process. Consequently, you are responsible for obtaining the appropriate intellectual property rights for these technologies corresponding to your target application.

For more information on the codec associated license, click the corresponding link in the list. Upon agreeing with the terms of one of our free codec implementation licenses, you will be invited to download the associated object code to help you move forward with your evaluation and development processes to help accelerate solutions to market.

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