CodecPro Offers Optimized Codec Implementations
For Standard Speech and Audio Codecs.

Our product portfolio includes implementations of the most widely used processors and platforms as well as cross-platform solutions. We create solutions for specific environments and meet requirements for high performance, power efficiency, and low complexity.

All our standard implementations have been tested with our in-house test suite on top of the test vectors provided by the related standards body.

Free Evaluation Packages

CodecPro offers evaluation packages of all our codecs. Our evaluation packages contain sample code and a build project. Our evaluation codec libraries have exactly the same memory footprint and CPU consumption as our commercial product. All test and experiment results are exactly the same for both the evaluation package and the commercial product. The only difference between the two is that the evaluation codec produces an audible tone every 20 to 30 seconds.

You can use an evaluation package for all your development, integration, and testing activities. Then, when you are ready to go to market, simply swap in the commercial version.

Optional Modules

As optional enhancements, we offer additional modules such as Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generation (CNG), and packet loss concealment extensions.

For more details on any product or for inquiries about our evaluation packages, contact us at: