The G.723.1 codec was originally developed for videophones that deliver video and speech over regular phone lines (PSTN). G.723.1 is a dual-rate speech codec designed for the ITU-T H.323 and H.324 audio and videoconferencing/telephony standards. The G.723.1 specifies how the audio portion of the conference is to be coded. It can perform full duplex compression and decompression functions for videoconferencing products.

G.723.1 Codec Overview

The memory and CPU details are generic Standard specifications.

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G.723.1 Codec Technical Specifications

  • Bandwidth: 200-3400 Hz
  • Standardized: ITU-T 1995
  • Technology: MP-MLQ/ACELP
  • Bit rate: 5.3/6.3 kbps
  • Delay (msec): 37.5
  • Frame size (msec): 30
  • Lookahead (msec): 7.5
  • Quality: Narrowband / PSTN
  • Complexity (MIPS): 25
  • ROM (bytes): 180K
  • RAM (bytes): 20K + 3K/ch.